Constitution, Bylaws, Policies

The Canadian University Boards Association (CUBA) is an unincorporated association whose objectives are described in its Statement of Organization as follows:


I. The objectives of the Association are:

The Canadian University Boards Association (the “Association”) exists to improve the governance of Canadian universities.  It serves:

  • as a means of mobilizing the leadership of university boards to support and develop policies and programs that enhance the ability of boards to discharge their fiduciary duties and to be accountable for the overall direction of their universities;

  • as a network for the exchange of information among persons responsible for the leadership and operations of university governing boards; and

  • as a focus for occasional meetings and seminars on university governance.

The Association is affiliated with Universities Canada to the extent and in the manner set out in the Association's bylaws. 

I. The official languages of the Association shall be English and French.

II. The head office of the Association shall be the offices of Universities Canada .


CUBA Bylaws (available as pdf document).



Policy on Attendees at the Annual Conference